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Cosy club

I thought I’d make a collection of Links for fun resources/ activities/ recipes/ kid based play/ making ideas 🙂 feel free to leave a comment to say which you’ve tried!

Youtube links for some physical dance along sessions – we loved these today. Handy when trying to all of that energy positively 🙂 (bear necessities) ( gummy bear) (can’t stop the feeling) (I like to move it)
Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his books live on Instagram every night from 6pm.
Thank you Thimble and Twig on Facebook 🍃 🌱 🌻
An amazing weaving idea for kids from Rachel At Smile and Wave , will Definately try this one nap time with my older one,
Crochet Tutorials

Free Sunflower pattern

Pattern UK terms

Slip stitch

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

Htr – half treble

Dtr- double treble

Eleonora at Coastal Crochet has a great tutorial for these stitches here – She used them to create one of my favourite rows of the SeasideStashbusting blanket, the Long waves.

You will need :

Grey yarn (Super Chunky)

Yellow yarn (Aran)

8mm hook and 6mm hook

Scissors and wool needle/darning needle.

This sunflower pattern has been inspired by Sunflowers , a charity that My cousins have set up in Memory of Pete Morris, which supports families who have lost loved ones to suicide. If you’d like to visit their website or even make some sunflowers and send them To Suite 4 The Counting House. Bonds Mill, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. I know they’d been incredibly grateful for these crocheted donations (with a safety pin sewn to turn into a brooch) for them to sell and raise funds, Thank you. 🌻

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Teeny Tiny Crochet Bedding Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to my cutest project yet 🙂 don’t these little bunnies look ever so snuggly in their Granny Square beds?!

I love a quick project that works up fast and uses up little odd balls of yarn. Alternatively this might be a great introduction to crochet for you! I would recommend Bella Coco, Happy Berry Crochet and Coastal Crochet tutorials to learn new stitches, and grow your confidence. All of these ladies explain things so well, and you can pause, rewind and actually concentrate in peace and quiet in your own time, what a bonus!

This is what you’ll need to make your very own set of Crochet bedding that is perfect for little hands and also Sylvanian Families, Happy Land, playmobile, or other small toy friends to enjoy.


* Three colours of Yarn (a great scrap/stashbusting project)

*3mm hook

* Scissors

* wool needle / darning needle


CH- chain

HTR – half treble

CH SP – Chain Space

SS – slipstitch

ST – stitch

Y1 – Yarn Choice One

Y2 – Yarn Choice Two

Y3 – Yarn Choice Three


This pattern is written in UK terminology – the little Granny square makes the perfect quilt for a tiny toy (Sylvanian, Happy Land, Playmobile) it has small (Half treble -htr- UK) stitches and a CHAIN ONE to make the corners, this is to reduce the “holey” appearance.


1. Use Y1 to make a Magic circle (a great tutorial here)

2. Chain 3

3. 2 half Trebles (Great tutorials here and here)

4. Chain 1

5. 3htr

6. ch 1

7. 3htr

8. Ch 1

9. 3htr

10. Ch 1

11. SS to join – pull magic circle tail tight.

12. Knot and sew in the ends using the wool needle.


13. Attach Y2 in a ch1 corner chain space

14. Ch 3

15. 3htr

16. Ch 1

17. 3 htr in the same ch sp

18. 3htr in NEXT ch sp.

19.Ch 1

REPEAT steps 15-19 x 3 to complete round 2.

To finish – repeat steps 11-12


Start R3 by Attaching Y3 in a ch1 corner chain space.

Repeat steps 14-17.

21. 3htr In NEXT ch sp.

22. 3htr In Next ch sp.

23. ch 1

24. 3htr in SAME ch sp

Repeat 21-24

To finish – repeat steps 11-12


25. Start R4 by Attaching Y1 in a ch1 corner chain space.

Repeat steps 14-17.

26. 3htr In NEXT ch sp.

27. 3htr In Next ch sp.

28. 3htr In Next ch sp.

29. ch 1

30. 3htr in SAME ch sp

Repeat 26-30 x3 to complete round 4

To finish – repeat steps 11-12


31. Start R5 by ch 3

32. 2htr in next 2 st.

33. 1htr In ch1 chain space.

34. 11 more htr in each stitch. (12 stitches down each side.)

Repeat 31- 34 x3 to complete round 4

To finish – repeat steps 11-12

Congratulations Your tiny Granny Square is finished!



* Yarn

* Scrap offcuts

*3mm hook

* Scissors

* wool needle / darning needle

1. Slip knot to start.

2. Chain 15

3. 1 half treble (htr) in 3rd loop from the hook.

4. 12 htr in each stitch (13 stitches in total) TURN

5. Chain 2

6. 13 htr (13 stitches in total)

***repeat 5 and 6 eight times***

(10 stitches in total)

Knot and tie in the ends using the wool needle.

7. Fold the square you have crocheted Start in the bottom right corner and stitch both sides together, sew up the edges but leave the third side open.

8. Stuff with yarn scraps.

9. Sew the final edge together

10. Knot and sew in the ends.

Please tag me if you share your makes, I would just love to see your #jljteenygrannybeds in action!

Crochet Tutorials, Tutorials

Contrast Popcorn Crochet Tutorial

Hello! I’ve enjoyed a little break but now I’m back with a brand spanking new tutorial for you.

My newest series of “Serendipity” Wall Art pieces have hit my Etsy shop, and I’ve had lots of enquiries about this bobble/popcorn stitch. So I’m trialling my first ever tutorial here, please wish me luck!

For a basic Popcorn Stitch Eleonora at Coastal Crochet has a fantastic video tutorial here as part of her Seaside stash busting blanket (you can find my cardigan based on her amazing pattern) I’d highly recommend watching her video of an excellent and clear guide to the popcorn stitch!

For this Sampler Tutorial you will need.

* 2 yarns in contrasting colours (I used Special DK in colours that showed up best on my “how to” pictures)

* Size 4 crochet hook.

* Scissors

To begin, you will need to choose Yarn 1 (Y1) and Yarn 2 (Y2)

1.Take Y1 and make a slip knot.

2. Chain 18.

3. One Treble in the third loop from the hook.

4. 15 more trebles in the next 15 stitches – [16 Trebles in total]

5. Chain two and turn your work.

6. One treble in the third loop from the hook.

7. Tie contrast yarn into the top of next stitch loop.

8. Use Y2 to continue (carry Y1 and catch in behind your work) and make 4 trebles in the same next stitch.

9. Remove your hook. Count four stitches back (last top loop of Y1) insert hook and pull the last loop through.Pull all the tails to keep the tension

10. Change/substitute Your working yarn back to Y1 and make three trebles in the next three stitches.

11. Change yarn for Y2 and repeat the popcorn stitch. 4 trebles in the same stitch. [steps 8&9]

12. For this sample Continue the pattern twice more. [4 popcorns on this row]Once you’ve reached the end of the row, chain two and turn your work.

13. Now we are working on the reverse side. To offset the popcorns we will do four trebles in the first four stitches.

14. Now make a popcorn stitch [but for the end of the popcorn you will insert your hook from the front of the work! Again – pop to see Coastal Crochets video tutorial to see what I mean] – when you look at the front side, hopefully the popcorn will sit beautifully in between those on the previous row.

15. Switch to Y1 and Continue with 3 trebles, repeat step 14 for popcorn stitch and repeat series again. You should have three popcorns on this row.

16. If you wish to add another popcorn colour, simply switch Y2 when needed and continue with Y1 to keep the background colour.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have as much fun with this beautiful stitch as I do! Please tag me in your posts or use #jljcontrastpopcorn and I can see your creations!


Jen x

Home life

New addition :)

After a pretty dark spell, we welcomed a beautiful rainbow baby into our family on 09.02.2018.

It’s a horribly dark, isolating, confusing and lonely time after losing a baby. The thought of trying again is quite frankly terrifying. After an ectopic pregnancy, life saving surgery and very difficult feelings to try and make sense of, we needed this bright little star. He is perfect and makes us so very happy.

Welcome baby Joe x

📷 Camilla Reynolds Photography

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Studio Update, and Yarndale

I’ve been in the midst of printing off lovely wedding invites, which makes for some fun conveyor belt making 🙂 It’s rather relaxing to get into the swing of things when my little “helper” is happily off at playgroup. Hopefully, I’ll have some sneak peeks I can share soon! 

In September, I travelled up to Yorkshire with my fab, real life friend Lindsey from Lottie and albert, and we stayed for a lovely weekend with new Instagram friends Kate from Jellybean Junction, Clare from Colour and Crochet, Kate from LanaBou, Charli from Candidly Rhubarb. We stayed up in Grassington at this amazing Air B and B which belongs to Sian from The helpful Mum.

Having experienced acute Social Anxiety in the Past, I couldn’t quite believe that I’d not only agreed and booked (thanks to the amazingly organised kate Jellybean!) but actually made it up there! (That’s to my road trip buddy Lindsey.) We had a really lovely time, crocheting the evenings away and exploring Yarndale all day on the Saturday. As a relative crochet newbie, I really appreciated all the advice and inspiring Instagram recommendations to follow! 

Yarndale 2017 was a great weekend away. The yarn/wool festival itself was held in an active cattle auction, which had been cleared for all sorts of wooly goodness. Each of the stall holders was charmingly in a real pen, with their gorgeous wares out for perusal. I must admit, I was pretty overwhelmed to begin with. The variety of coloured yarns, the busyness and the bustling was truly impressive! 
Before we had even set off, we were given a very special present. This was my gorgeous goodie bag from the amazing Kate (lanaBou) complete with lovely postcards, stitch markers, a pin badge, and sweets for energy! All of which proved ever so useful, so Thank you Kate. 
Whilst all of my friends were chattering to the lovely ladies on the stands, I shyly sidled up to a table where this fabulousness was happening! I got to try out this supersize yarn from Wooly Mahoosive with a huge 30 size crochet hook, which is something I’ve been desperate to try! I think it could be rather addictive, but I was grateful for the experience to try it out myself. Thank you for your patience in teaching me, Sharna

These are My rainbow mini 5g skiens from cuddlebums yarn that literally made me squeal out loud. I have had so many friends cuddle these! My original plan has not quite worked for these, however I’m looking out for ideas for what to with them. I love them! 

This was the first time I had seen such an array of indie, hand dyed yarn. Within the first five minutes I had truly fallen in love with this beauty by from the love of yarn, and for the next hour or so, I was definately wandering around with Buyers’ remorse! I couldn’t stop thinking about the lovely sparkly, deep rich ocean palette… I have a plan to make it into a shawl, once I can follow a pattern. I’ll know I’ve made it then! 

This lovely Vix brown yarn (who is from our part of the world!) was beautiful. I spent a lot of time at her stall with agonising indecision about selecting the right colour- in the end I went with this one! She was also selling these lovely hooks from make.e, which I’ve had my eye on for a long time. I can safely say, it’s become one of my favourites to work with! 

As I’m in the middle of a granny blanket, I knew this lovely little Blocking Board would come in handy! 


Here are some sneaky screen shots from various stories 🙂 

I had a really fab time away, and it just shows that leaving your comfort zone can be exciting and so worth it! 

Jen 🙂 

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Around here…

It’s been a busy few weeks up in my studio, and I hope to start blogging more regularly again, now we’re getting back into routine at home again! 

I’ve been sorting out and organising my space, trying to see what works where and I’m hoping to do a little studio tour soon! 

I’ve finished some wedding projects, cards, and recently I’ve made these “stacker” style necklaces. Every single bead is hand made and perfectly imperfect, and I rather like that. I mixed many of the colours myself to make the ombré shades work together 🙂 I only wish I could wear the pink – I think the yellow/brown autumnal one has already found it’s home with me 🙈 Do you have a favourite? Or colour mixes for me to try? .
My happy quotes have been a helpful focus during some difficult times over the past few months. I find huge comfort in words, I have always searched for wisdom from others. I’m hoping to keep all of them together in a small happy quite sketchbook. Do you find writing useful? I’m hoping to get back into it, and my art journaling too!  

Colour moods have always been fascinating to me, and as we move into a new season, there is a definately nip in the air, and I’m loving my trusty legging and boots combo! I’ve been really loving an autumnal palette recently – I love these earth tones with the teals – so pretty together! 

I’ve been trying to record my inspiration and when it strikes using the hashtag #jljinspireme on Instagram. I’m hoping it will be useful to reflect on, and I would love others to use it too! Of course the photo below is showing that I’m being inspired by lace, stickers and sweet treats! 
Finally, Here are some of my new jewellery designs, that I’ve made especially to compliment some of the new arrivals at Stafford Cottage in Minchinhampton. I really enjoy using the lovely prints and fabrics as inspiration. 
Have a great week

Best Wishes, Jen x